Aqua-brooks float valves
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"Aqua-brooks" Float Valves

In production since 1984, this low-cost design has sold more than 200 000 units in Southern Africa. The valve is:

  1. Compact (size 165 by 65 by 130 mm open)
  2. Robust (+60°C down to -7°C, UV, acid, corrosion & lime resistant)
  3. Simple (one moving part is the short lever float)
  4. Flexible (in 3 colour-coded pressure ratings, High, Low and eXtra low)
  5. Friendly (easy to install, minimal maintenance)
  6. Adaptable (multiple valves can be installed on a T or H configuration)

Applications – Cattle, horse, sheep, dog watering troughs, poultry watering systems, storage and header tanks, air conditioning and heating water storage, koi and fish ponds, water features and fountains, side-inlet toilet cisterns, irrigation, swimming pools, pharmaceutical and veterinary etc.

Valve Life – The life of a valve should be 10 to 20 years if connected according to the installation instructions supplied and given protection against animal hooves.

Guarantee - 10 Years. Replacement is at the factory and at our discretion. In 15 years we have replaced only 14 seals, 2 floats and 3 faulty batches of rotating seals! Spares are obtainable, but the whole valve might as well be replaced. There is no scrap value.

Compliance  – The "Aqua-Brooks" valve complies with JASWIC standards. Both a High and Low pressure valve complied when tested by SABS (SABS 752/2000). The valves are regularly subjected to impact and torque testing. Every float is tested in water before installation.

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